“This is a great alternative, I get to use the coffee I like with the boldness I want at a fraction of the cost… First it’s the same size as the pods, and has a flat bottom, all of which makes it easier to fill and clean. Second they have put little tabs on each side so you don’t feel the heat when you take the pod out of the machine. I also have to give the edge to ekobrew when it comes to taste, the coffee seems smoother to me (and I’ve been using the same brand/grind)…All and all I would highly recommend this product!! Save yourself money it’s worth the investment…”

- G. Elizabeth

“I was honestly a little skeptical at the time of buying… I’m glad I took the chance. Using these little cups allows me to explore a number of new brews, without adding more gadgets to my kitchen!”

- Gourd

“Finally someone figured out how to make one that really works. I tried the “other” brand and it would not consistently make a decent cup of coffee. This one does and it’s nice that they included instructions on recommended grind of coffee.”

- Anonymous

“With the price of coffee continually rising, I’ve been on a search for a replacement to the expensive K cups for some time. Their recent price increase is outrageous IMHO (I mean, how much coffee is really in there to justify the recent 15% or so increase?). I’ve tried the My K-cup from Keurig. It did ok, coffee was a little weak, and it was a bit of a hassle to swap out the holder and then cleaning out the grounds as well… on to the ekobrew. They obviously put a lot of thought into the design of this thing. The cutouts are exactly where they need to be and the water flows out more evenly thru the grounds. Because of this design, there is a little more room in there for the grounds resulting in a better brew.”

- Steve

“This one is well thought out – perfect in every way! I threw my old “My K-cup” out in the trash… Coffee is stronger! No more “hole down the middle” with weak coffee and wasted grounds that were never used. Whoever designed this was a genius….. and too bad for Keurig they didn’t think of it!”

- D. Kiser

“My disclaimer- I’m a coffee geek… Where the EkoBrew shines is cup quality- more coffee in the cup. This comes from really nice saturation of the coffee because of the cone shaped water dispersion. It’s easy to hold and get out of the machine. The puck comes out clean without digging out crevices as an earlier. This is the first one I’ve seen with a rubber O-ring that seals the cup shut. Ingenious. Kudos to these guys.”

- C. Crawford

“OMG, this thing is amazing. i don’t know what makes it so much different and i don’t care -i just care that we get an amazing cup of coffee from our machine now! SUCH a difference. We used to use the Solofil twice for one cup of coffee – we would make two of the smallest cups to make it as strong as possible. not anymore!! highly recommend! buying 2 more!”

- K. Murdock

“I usually run two cycles for a larger cup of coffee. With the Ekobrew, the lid stays shut and doesn’t leak water at the top. I was surprised how easily the grounds came out and just a quick rinse and it was ready to go again. Seems to be the best choice around for avoiding the high cost of K cups.”

- P. Harding

“I love my Keurig… what I don’t love is buying $50 dollars worth of coffee every month… My freshly ground coffee tastes better than any Kcup I have ever had! I forgot how good some of the beans I bought were. No Joke. If you are like me and have a few roasts of beans you just love and don’t feel like breaking the bank trying every kcup under the sun to find blends that please you then get it. You won’t be sorry …THANK YOU ekobrew!”

- J. Goldman