Heat Resistant Grips

ekobrew heat resistant grips make it easy when inserting into your Keurig holster and removing after brewing.

Dispersion Cone

For an optimum brew, ekobrew uses a dispersion cone. It gently and evenly soaks the coffee grounds ensuring optimal extraction.

Silicone Seal

Flexible and heat resistant, ekobrew uses a silicone seal that withstands the degradation of heat that rubber seals cannot.

Easy Open Lid

With a simple flip of the thumb, the ekobrew lid pops open and allows easy access to the chamber.



Stainless Steel Mesh

ekobrew features a heavy gauge, stainless steel, micro-mesh screen to ensure consistent brewing.

Flat Bottom Design

Our exclusive flat bottom design allows the user to set the unit on the counter for easy filling, resulting in less mess and less waste.

Deep, No-Crevice Interior

Our deep chamber design allows for more coffee and more water. This gives the user ultimate control over the strength & volume of the coffee. The no-crevice interior makes clean up quick and easy.

Dual Entry Points

Dual entry point design means no removal of the Keurig filter holster. This allows the user a seamless transition between ekobrew usage.