Why ekobrew
  • Save

    Up to 80% savings as compared to K-cup packs.

  • Stay

    Eco-friendly, there are no cups left behind.

  • Choose
    Your Coffee

    You are not bound by only what comes in a K-cup.

A Reusable K-cup® Style Filter Made to fit most Keurig® Single Cup Brewers No need to remove the filter holder. Ultimate control over the strength & volume of the coffee. Simple flip of the thumb easy open lid.

Simply fill your ekobrew cup with your favorite coffee, close the lid and use it as you would any disposable coffee cup.

When done brewing, remove your ekobrew cup from the coffee machine, empty the used coffee and rinse your ekobrew cup for its next use!

Free yourself to use any type of coffee you wish! Strong or light, you’re no longer confined to the coffee in pre-packaged disposable cups.